Rory Hansen, aka Rorz, is a San Diego-based sports card collector. Originally hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Rorz is an avid hockey fan (Go Canucks!) and seriously collected hockey cards in his youth. (At least, as seriously as a kid with a $5 monthly budget for cards could!)

Thinking they were his path to an early retirement, he lugged his sports card collection with him for decades, even bringing them to the United States where he now resides. (Turns out that cards from the “junk wax era” are next to worthless. *shrug*)

In 2020 after a 25 year hiatus, Rorz started collecting again. Boy had things changed. Refractors, parallels, new brands, unlicensed vs. licensed cards, autographs galore! There was a lot to learn.

With a goal of connecting deeper with the hobby he once loved, Rorz began posting down-to-earth, fun videos to TikTok documenting his journey re-learning sports card collecting.

This blog represents a continuation of that journey. Thanks for reading this far. I’d love to connect! Find me on social media or reach out through the Contact page.

Rory “Rorz” Hansen