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The GG2 Arkansas Sports Card Show – What to expect, What makes this card show great

Those who have set up at a card show can tell you it is no small feat. The preparation, packing, driving, and often twelve plus hour days are enough to make anyone’s head spin and body ache. But in pursuit of having a good time, talking sports all day, and making a few bucks, most collectors should do this at some point. Setting up at a show can be seen as a risk, after all the expenses of table fees, food, gas, and hotels have made even myself second guess setting up in the past (especially when doing so out of state). However, it is a wonderful experience and it truly helps when you have a show and an atmosphere like you do at the GG2 card show that takes place four times per year in Bentonville, Arkansas

For this particular GG2 card show I had three hours to set up, so there was plenty of time to get my tables looking good and have enough time to look around. I’ve done plenty of shows in the past where I’ve only gotten an hour to setup and not had the opportunity to talk to other vendors and try to grab some great cards before the show started, but thanks to this extra time I was able to raid the dollar boxes. I was able to get some cards worth way more than a dollar, which you can see below, making this a great way to start the show. 

Once the GG2 card show kicked off it was hard to find a moment to sit down. Football is right around the corner and hype was building for quarterbacks. People coming to this show mainly wanted rookies, graded items, and case hits of players such as Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. While these flew fast it wasn’t hard to pick up smaller pieces for my eBay account or players from teams I thought would have a good season. These included guys Amon Ra St. Brown and Ja’Marr Chase or even opportunities to buy 40 autographs and relic cards for forty dollars.

One of the best things about the GG2 Sports Card Show in Arkansas, in my opinion, is the variety of cards that you can get here. Don’t have a big budget? There are plenty of dollar to five dollar boxes. Not even into sports cards? There were plenty of Pokemon at this show. The point is, there’s something for everyone. Anyone new to the hobby has the opportunity to learn and anyone who isn’t has a chance to grow their collection. 

What sets this show apart from others is a multitude of things. For starters it’s easy to be on your feet all day and not have a moment to take a break or even grab a bite to eat, but with this show you are provided with a bag of snacks. This is nice when the days are long and the breaks can be nonexistent. However, if you do get a moment to get away there is always a food truck available, whether it be tacos or burgers.

While the GG2 Sports Card Show does occur in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma as well, it’s obvious to both vendors and visitors alike that it’s worth the trip to visit both. These are shows where no one is priced out and everyone can find something to buy or trade for. The atmosphere is that of a family where everyone roots for each other’s success, we go to trade night, and hit a ball game afterward. This show is for those who enjoy sports, talk sports, and live sports and inevitably grandmas to get dragged to by their grandsons. But we do it for the love of cardboard, thrill of the chase, and enjoyment of the hobby.

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