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What does ‘Case Hit’ mean – Definition – The Sports Card Glossary

A ‘Case Hit’ is a rare card found once per sealed case of sports cards. A sealed case contains a set number of boxes of cards, usually 12 boxes. So, for a sports card set in which 12 hobby boxes are shipped as part of a case, a case hit is a card that can be expected to be pulled once every 12 boxes opened.

Case hits are often flashier parallels and/or inserts and are coveted due to their rarity and attractiveness.

A popular example of a case hit is the Kaboom! card by Panini.

Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Panini Rewards #K-PMA Kaboom!
Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Panini Rewards #K-PMA Kaboom!

Rory Hansen

Rory Hansen is a San Diego-based sports card collector and social media influencer. Considered an expert in the process of grading sports cards, he regularly advises other collectors on how to assess, prepare and submit cards for grading. Originally from Canada and now living in the US, Rory collects both hockey cards and baseball cards. His personal collection focuses on Shohei Ohtani, Ichiro Suzuki, Yu Darvish, Pavel Bure, Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Roberto Luongo.